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New stuff.

2011-06-30 16:41:43 by Toastertron

Got some new songs up, tell me what you think.


2011-06-27 23:34:34 by Toastertron

Finally putting up more than one audio track.. maybe this time I won't totally suck afterall.. haha.

Water Buffalo.

2011-06-04 21:18:46 by Toastertron

Fuck you.

So lonely..

2011-01-26 04:51:02 by Toastertron

Someone fucking talk to me!


I officiallly suck.

2010-09-27 23:19:50 by Toastertron

If anyone would like me to do some art for them I shall.

I suck.

2010-09-27 21:28:05 by Toastertron

If anyone would like to give some advice I'd really love it. Flash is being a bitch and I can't make movement work.


2010-09-25 20:20:12 by Toastertron

Got some new art stuff up. Finally doing something on here. Going to try and get more work done. Hope everyone likes it.


2010-09-16 00:46:47 by Toastertron

Hey newgrounds. I'm looking for work. I have no idea what I'm good at so throw me some ideas so I can get my lazy ass off the couch and actually do something with my life. That means you, Mr. too good to go to my softball games.


2010-03-28 19:41:18 by Toastertron

If you are reading this, you have stumbled on the page of the "great" Toastertron. I haven't done jack shit on newgrounds, but damnit I'd like to give it a shot. I can do voices. They may suck, but I have them. Send me stuff for stuff about stuff and I'll make it a real thing probably. I don't know, I'm not a Doctor. Now quickly, take of that lobster suit and help me search for the toaster. I want to make re-fried beans the old fashioned way.